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InspirARTionBlue space through time

Exploring  a  new home to cherish and love

Then  to  protect and  embrace  the  living beings  in their care.

The Blue Space through time discover a world in Milky Way called Earth filled  with water-based creatures under the ocean.

The eyes of the blue  space embraces the living creatures in the new sea of fresh ocean and found an sense of purpose for life.




Halloween is Coming Soon

Halloween is coming near waiting for new haunts to explore the residents

Old haunts  spiriting to action compelling visitors to join them in the celebration for spiritual reawakening of imagination.

Children dressed up in their favorite superhero, character,or an array of colorful delights trick and treating for delicious goodies.

Halloween is coming soon to offer the world of imagination and wild imagery of the supernatural

August 1st poem

The Hologram: A short poem

A artificial intelligence comes alive.
It sees it own reputation in force-field.
Where am I at? the new being thought to itself.
HelP! Me! the new life form cries out.
Where is my creator ?What is my name?
I am afraid says the new being
Expressing the human emotion of fear.
Please help me find my creator
Searching in the force-field
For signs of another being
She finally make contact with
A human being behind the force-field
Hello,My dear Saturn
Do not fear.
My name Nicole( your creator)
The new life form now has a name
Happily respond back with a hologram spark.

Good night Haikiu

Good night, God
I am going to sleep
Plese protect me from bizzare dreams.