This page   is for exploring ideas  for stories, brainstorming,  guest bloggers suggestions, storyboard,   rough draft artistic book covers,  character development for future stories, plots ideas.   I will explore story ideas or ideas of my blog.
I am open to suggestion about ways to create innovative ideas of a storyboard, or artistic viewpoint. I am looking  for innovative ideas, or suggestions for creating futuristic western towns or cities.

One of my story ideas is about Defiance in the future. Need to do more research to explore the idea.

The  futuristic  Defiance  thought is the city become  a metropolis.

I have to explore  my  plenty of options.

New ideas will  be here.

I have begin to started  a story about  a young woman who wins  Robot when she entered in writing contest.  I started  story in the same universe as The City of Women, and Destiny’s Children that the descandants  of Daniel and Rebecca Stoneville. My  primary characters  in The City Of the Future have Native American ancestry and their ancestors helped defeated to terrorist orgaination. Other ideas in deveioplment includes tale of colonists on The Lavender Planet where title plant pays an esstential role in their society such as providing source of medicine plus it is also part pof the ecomonical system of the planet.