This page  is  about ideas  about short stories of  the themes of space exploration

genetic engineering, time travel, utopias, scientific

technological, social issues,  alternative energy, etc.

Some will deal with sensitive  themes,such as cloning

etc. I will update this page.

 I have a short  story now in progress about

woman who  husband had invented a time machine and

has a holographic version of her husband to guide through time. I  in the beginning of the story called Love Time Machine.

I am looking for authors who had expertise on hologram images,or

technical programming,and knowledge of cutting-edge science.
I hoped to finish Love Time Machine before the end of the year 2015 or 2016
I recently  started writing my short story, however, my brain is too busy trying creating more ideas and stories.
I  thinking about having the Love Time Machine become a weekly feature on Saturday on my blog in serial format.

  The short stories is this page will be  rough draft form.

      Love Time Machine

By Denise Swoveland

Summary of Love  Time Machine

A young woman,s husband   is in a coma due to  a near fatal car accident. She discovers her husband,s time machine and meets the hologram version of her spouse.  She modified the heart-shaped time machine,s programing by finishing the procedure her husband was unable to completed.  She time travel with  a hologram version of her husband as guide through parts of history  that concern scientific and medical advances made  by   maverick  persons in the fields of medicine and science.


I am participating in July Camp NaNoWriMo and   I added Love Time Machine as a writng project.  I hope finish it by end of 2017,or later.