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Dear my fellow WordPress bloggers and followers:

Good  evening ,Happy Father,s Day to all the dads of the world and  the Heavenly Being

God,s blessings on the every  papa who provides love and protection for their children

To  the Heavenly Father, the creator of all human fathers and the ultimate protector of your creation.

Thank you God for your guidance, compassionate, and love for the fathers of the  Earth.

With love




Happy St.Patrick’s Day   Evening to all of my fellow bloggers and readers.  God blessings on the Irish heritage and it’s fascinating history of Ireland. Hope eveyone had relaxing holiday.  An imaginative world of the rebirth of growing green leaves on  the snowy  evening of March 17,2017

InspirARTion (4)

Turned 44 year-old today,  but  feel still  young in spirit

Born on January, 7,1973, a new beginning of pursing and achieving goals.

A year older than before , and a second chance of fresh start of fulfilling unrealized dreams by finally gaining opportunity to finish stories of wonder before turning 45 or beyond.

A new  start in mature in wisdom and knowledge of the world and personal growth

Celebrated my birthday with  family,  eating lunch at Sweetwater Chophouse, getting new  beautiful shade of blue jewelry set  plus a new  outfit to enjoy from my Mom.

Enjonyed a Blueberry Sangrina at  Applebee,s plus an birthday blessing   for dinner.

Happy Birthday from my Heavenly Father and Creator Universe.

Just a   birthday random thoughts from out of anywhere and in my mind

Written on January , 7, 1973  at  finally published at 11:45 pm  and along a time difference.

new-year-eve-artHappy New Eve

The end  of the old year of 2016, and beginning of 2017

A  starts of new ideas, goals , and fresh  outlook of refreshing renewing of dreams long forgotten

Conquering the darkness of 2016 and  counting the God’s blessing  for a second chance in achieving the unrealized goals.

God’s healing love overcomes the tragedies, sadness, traumas, and unmet   needs of humankind.

Merry Christmas Evening

Dear Fellow WordPress Bloggers

Merry Christmas Evening and  for  relaxing good fun  with family  and friends.

God’s blessing for healing, comfort and joy for all  for my fellow supporter and blogging writers.

I hope everyone had  bless  time of joy and  safe travel back home.2015-01-20-16-53-19 An image of beauty of the Christmas lights of color  inspiring a sense of a creative energy.

Dear Fellow WordPress Blogger and Followers

I hope all my fellow WordPress followers had a Happy Thanksgiving

Celebrating the  blessings for God for the fellowship of friends and family online and  outside of the social network.

Thanks for the  all my fellow blogger to reading my post and liking them

Hoping everyone had a blessed, relaxing, fun , and safe time with friends and family.

God,s blessing for all my fellow WordPress readers, followers and blogger

Happy Late Evening Thanksgiving

Withe Christ,s Love this Thanksgiving

From Denise Carol Swoveland

Dear WordPress Bloggers and Supporters

Have  a blessed safe and relaxing New Years Eve and Day.

God blessings  to  my fellow bloggers and supporters in creating new works of art , creative writing , and poetry.Happy New Year

random colors

 THe machine  travel through time  and space search for new worlds  to explore and habit.

The machine travel through time and space searching for new worlds to explore and habit.  It dreams of  finding it,s missing creator, and desires to reunite with her, secondly to once more share in time -traveling fellowship and adventure.

Yellow and red dimonds

A blue world with red, and yellow of diamonds

My goals  for my blog Creativemind 37,s Blog to  produce works of poetry, artistic expression, creative writing such as science-fiction stories  at least one a week.

Secondly, communicate with my supporters and those I  follow more consistently. I am  planning on  update my  science-fiction stories on the regularly basic ,due,to the fact, I had gotten behind in writing.

Third, I also need to balance my schooling at Ashford University and my creative writing pursuit,so, I can avoid neglecting  my stories. I had thought  about creating an editorial calendar to guide me in producing quality content that will   spiritually inspire  and not bore my readers.

Merry Evening Christmas

Happy Christmas Evening to  my fellow bloggers

Blessings, comfort, and healing for my  readers.

Best  wishes for  my fellow bloggers  on Christmas and New  Years.

Have a enjoyable Christmas evening with burning candles of light

For Christ represent light   conquering the darkness.

May Christ shine in the heart of my fellow readers and WordPress bloggers.

Merry Christmas and  Happy New Years.