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InspirARTionBlue space through time

Exploring  a  new home to cherish and love

Then to protect and embrace the living beings in their care.

The Blue Space through time discovers a world in Milky Way called Earth filled with water-based creatures under the ocean.

The eyes of the blue space embrace the living creatures in the new sea of the fresh ocean and found a sense of purpose for life.




Mother,s Love

Dear Mothers of the World

The love of mothers is a celebration through ages as an expression of God,s tender nurturing love for His beloved creation. God made Eve  the mother of all living things, and giving her the ability to bear children. God give honor and respects to mothers who expressed the purest love for their children, teaching them to love the Lord with all their heart and soul. Happy Mother,s Day for women blessed  with children.

Touch the Moon: A poem

Walking  with camera capture  and  touch the Moon

The moon shines in  the moonlight

Then it,s disappears into it,s shadows of the dark sky

The Moon the captures and touching the inner  spiritual heart of me

My spirit soars seeing  a vision of the Full Moon embracing itself underneath the clouds of nighttime

My imagination wanders at the beauty of the Full Moon in the moonlight sky.

Capturing the Moon with the power of the camera embracing the beauty of Full Moon in the moonlight.

The Earth, s natural satellite inspires me to capture and touch it with my mind,  and thoughts while walking the take the picture of Moon in the moonlight.












Dear God : A Early Sunday Poem

Dear God:

Hello, I am Denise Carol Swoveland,  inspiring creative writer and artist.

Awake up real early  before 4:00am,I went to bed before Midnight, due having a headache.

Usually a night owl, so my communication with you  varies , and spontaneous.

I read a poem in  from a one of my favorite poets ,I subscribed to you, because ,I found her poems empowering  and creative to me.

I found a  poem  in the poetic form of High Octane  that written  inspiring by music, therefore,it give honor and respect you  as the artistic Creator of the Universe.

I thank you  God , for giving me for creative and artistic voice that I can utilitizes to bring joy ,peace, and inspire people,s heart to communicate with you,or draw spiritually closer  as Creator of All Artistic wonders of worlds beyond human understanding,or scientific knowledge.


Denise Swoveland

Snow : A four line poem

Snow the ground shining towards the sunset

Snow  piercing the darkness of the freezing cold

Snow delighting the beauty of the purity of color

Snow dreaming of the soon coming moonlight.



Writing 201 : Prose Poem

My Mind Needs A Poetic Awaking

Tonight, my mind is blank. I have no right poetic imagination now. My brain stuck in neutral as if it in a sleep mode. My mind needs a creative mental boost of imaginative energy. My muse has disappeared into the dark waiting me to call to him back.

Writer of poetry, where you at? I am lost in the dark hoping you talk to me and seek my help. Your poetic mind is asleep needing a friend to wake it up.

Merry Evening Christmas

Happy Christmas Evening to  my fellow bloggers

Blessings, comfort, and healing for my  readers.

Best  wishes for  my fellow bloggers  on Christmas and New  Years.

Have a enjoyable Christmas evening with burning candles of light

For Christ represent light   conquering the darkness.

May Christ shine in the heart of my fellow readers and WordPress bloggers.

Merry Christmas and  Happy New Years.


Thunderbolt of Color

Super-charged wild  colors of a imagination

Super-charged wild
colors of a

Sick of Winter

Sick of the bitter cold
Too much for my blood
My blood is not made of ice.
Sick of endless snow
Wish the bitter cold would blow up
in the blaze of glory.
Sick of ugly nasty freezing weather
Wish the Sun shine it,s warm
destroying the bitter cold.
Sick and tired of bitterness of winter
Wishing for rebirth of Spring.
To break the dullness of endless winter
Believing in God to finally bring warmth, rebirth, beauty of color
To the deary landscape of winter.

Alien Tree of Life

Wild red tree exploring the Milky Way
Searching for it,s brother tree
Lost during the Fall of Man
The alien tree spreading it,s branches towards it,s creator
God of The Universe
“Where is my brother tree?
I can not find him the Tree of Life
Dear ,’ wild red tree says God
‘I had hidden the Tree of Life from The Evil One’
Your brother Tree of Life safe from Wicked One
“I created new brother trees of great beauty through out the Earth
Go to Earth, God whispering to the red tree,s branches.
The wild red alien tree obeyed it,s creator
It happily speed towards Earth
The tree reaches the planet Earth
It sees a red tree resembling itself
The roots reaching out
Happily reuniting with it,s brother tree
With joyous delight.

at finding a brother tree.
The wild tree