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Turned 44 year-old today,  but  feel still  young in spirit

Born on January, 7,1973, a new beginning of pursing and achieving goals.

A year older than before , and a second chance of fresh start of fulfilling unrealized dreams by finally gaining opportunity to finish stories of wonder before turning 45 or beyond.

A new  start in mature in wisdom and knowledge of the world and personal growth

Celebrated my birthday with  family,  eating lunch at Sweetwater Chophouse, getting new  beautiful shade of blue jewelry set  plus a new  outfit to enjoy from my Mom.

Enjonyed a Blueberry Sangrina at  Applebee,s plus an birthday blessing   for dinner.

Happy Birthday from my Heavenly Father and Creator Universe.

Just a   birthday random thoughts from out of anywhere and in my mind

Written on January , 7, 1973  at  finally published at 11:45 pm  and along a time difference.


new-year-eve-artHappy New Eve

The end  of the old year of 2016, and beginning of 2017

A  starts of new ideas, goals , and fresh  outlook of refreshing renewing of dreams long forgotten

Conquering the darkness of 2016 and  counting the God’s blessing  for a second chance in achieving the unrealized goals.

God’s healing love overcomes the tragedies, sadness, traumas, and unmet   needs of humankind.

Dear Fellow WordPress Blogger and Followers

I hope all my fellow WordPress followers had a Happy Thanksgiving

Celebrating the  blessings for God for the fellowship of friends and family online and  outside of the social network.

Thanks for the  all my fellow blogger to reading my post and liking them

Hoping everyone had a blessed, relaxing, fun , and safe time with friends and family.

God,s blessing for all my fellow WordPress readers, followers and blogger

Happy Late Evening Thanksgiving

Withe Christ,s Love this Thanksgiving

From Denise Carol Swoveland

Touch the Moon: A poem

Walking  with camera capture  and  touch the Moon

The moon shines in  the moonlight

Then it,s disappears into it,s shadows of the dark sky

The Moon the captures and touching the inner  spiritual heart of me

My spirit soars seeing  a vision of the Full Moon embracing itself underneath the clouds of nighttime

My imagination wanders at the beauty of the Full Moon in the moonlight sky.

Capturing the Moon with the power of the camera embracing the beauty of Full Moon in the moonlight.

The Earth, s natural satellite inspires me to capture and touch it with my mind,  and thoughts while walking the take the picture of Moon in the moonlight.












Dear God : A Early Sunday Poem

Dear God:

Hello, I am Denise Carol Swoveland,  inspiring creative writer and artist.

Awake up real early  before 4:00am,I went to bed before Midnight, due having a headache.

Usually a night owl, so my communication with you  varies , and spontaneous.

I read a poem in  from a one of my favorite poets ,I subscribed to you, because ,I found her poems empowering  and creative to me.

I found a  poem  in the poetic form of High Octane  that written  inspiring by music, therefore,it give honor and respect you  as the artistic Creator of the Universe.

I thank you  God , for giving me for creative and artistic voice that I can utilitizes to bring joy ,peace, and inspire people,s heart to communicate with you,or draw spiritually closer  as Creator of All Artistic wonders of worlds beyond human understanding,or scientific knowledge.


Denise Swoveland

Snow : A four line poem

Snow the ground shining towards the sunset

Snow  piercing the darkness of the freezing cold

Snow delighting the beauty of the purity of color

Snow dreaming of the soon coming moonlight.



Happy Thnksgiving

Dear WordPress Bloggers

God blessings my fellow bloggers. Have a safe, joyous, and bountiful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  God comfort  all my fellow WordPress bloggers, who had lost loved ones. May artstic, and thankful to Lord, family, and prosper.Happy Thanksgiving


Halloween is Coming Soon

Halloween is coming near waiting for new haunts to explore the residents

Old haunts  spiriting to action compelling visitors to join them in the celebration for spiritual reawakening of imagination.

Children dressed up in their favorite superhero, character,or an array of colorful delights trick and treating for delicious goodies.

Halloween is coming soon to offer the world of imagination and wild imagery of the supernatural

Writing 201 : Prose Poem

My Mind Needs A Poetic Awaking

Tonight, my mind is blank. I have no right poetic imagination now. My brain stuck in neutral as if it in a sleep mode. My mind needs a creative mental boost of imaginative energy. My muse has disappeared into the dark waiting me to call to him back.

Writer of poetry, where you at? I am lost in the dark hoping you talk to me and seek my help. Your poetic mind is asleep needing a friend to wake it up.

Merry Evening Christmas

Happy Christmas Evening to  my fellow bloggers

Blessings, comfort, and healing for my  readers.

Best  wishes for  my fellow bloggers  on Christmas and New  Years.

Have a enjoyable Christmas evening with burning candles of light

For Christ represent light   conquering the darkness.

May Christ shine in the heart of my fellow readers and WordPress bloggers.

Merry Christmas and  Happy New Years.