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Turned 44 year-old today,  but  feel still  young in spirit

Born on January, 7,1973, a new beginning of pursing and achieving goals.

A year older than before , and a second chance of fresh start of fulfilling unrealized dreams by finally gaining opportunity to finish stories of wonder before turning 45 or beyond.

A new  start in mature in wisdom and knowledge of the world and personal growth

Celebrated my birthday with  family,  eating lunch at Sweetwater Chophouse, getting new  beautiful shade of blue jewelry set  plus a new  outfit to enjoy from my Mom.

Enjonyed a Blueberry Sangrina at  Applebee,s plus an birthday blessing   for dinner.

Happy Birthday from my Heavenly Father and Creator Universe.

Just a   birthday random thoughts from out of anywhere and in my mind

Written on January , 7, 1973  at  finally published at 11:45 pm  and along a time difference.


Merry Christmas

Dear Fellow WordPress Bloggers and Jesus

Have blessed , safe, joyous, relaxing and enjoyable time with Jesus, family and friends.


This Christmas tree represent Giver of Life

Happy Birthday Jesus ( Giver of Life)




Happy July 4

Happy July 4

Birthday Photo


Bright orange with a sense of elegance

My Birthday

Hello, Fellow WordPress users: Today is my 39th birthday. I overslept today; therefore, ruined part of my plans  for my birthday. However,  one of my plans was not derailed: I was able to get a free Grande side drink from Biggby Coffee because of my special day. Raspberry Nut Mocha was my choice of drink; it is made of chocolate+Almond+Raspberry with whipped cream +chocolate topping.

I recommend the Raspberry Nut Mocha  to people  with a sweet touch because it a  rich in flavor and it under 163 calories for people who has to watch their intake of calories due to special diets.

God blesses to all who share my birthday. Best wishes for a wonderful , great day.


>Birthday Girl

>Today, I celebrated my 38th birthday. I brought a portable easel for my painting and some acrylics paints  for my birthday presents.  I had lunch with a close friend at Pizza Hut in Defiance,Ohio. I thank God for my soul, and spirit. I had growing in knowledge as I grew older. Bless God for my birth. I thank my mother for raising me in church, giving me love , teaching  me about God and giving  me life. I hope to celebrate birthdays until I am over 100  years-old.