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Flowers revealing God,s creative beauty of creation of color and artstic imagination.

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Happy St.Patrick’s Day   Evening to all of my fellow bloggers and readers.  God blessings on the Irish heritage and it’s fascinating history of Ireland. Hope eveyone had relaxing holiday.  An imaginative world of the rebirth of growing green leaves on  the snowy  evening of March 17,2017

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Photographs of The Moon

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The Moon shines through the darkness of night and embraces the human imagination.

Evening Fellow  Wordpress Blogger

Happy Late Night 4th of July

Hope everybody had a blessing, relaxing and enjoyable day.

God’s blessings  for the freedoms of American citizens

Happy  July4th Night of God’s Moonlight of independence  from tryanny of darkness

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Dear WordPress Bloggers:

I hope my fellow WordPress Bloggers had a blessed, relaxing, and artistic day of reflection of the Resurrection of Christ.

Have Happy Easter to all of my readers, their families and friends.Red random of love

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Artistic pattern of a gift the knowledge for arts to an alien worlds from beyond the Milky Way

Snow : A four line poem

Snow the ground shining towards the sunset

Snow  piercing the darkness of the freezing cold

Snow delighting the beauty of the purity of color

Snow dreaming of the soon coming moonlight.



Fall five- line poem in red letters

Fall colors dances in the tree

Waiting to embrace the beauty

Of the Autumn  Nights

Embracing cool  air of morning

Joyful of  becoming red, yellow, orange, and all array of color.