A young woman observes the working machine of her new remolded office space. The terminal blinked it,s blue scanner twice to allow her to enter into the inner sanctum of her office. “Welcome, Miss Danielle, “Sorry for the inconvenience.” We had an attempted computer virus attack, I was required by my programmer to upgrade to the New Experimental Virus McAfee Protection” .said the voice of Sahara 3022.

” Cool, McAfee Virus Protection still exist after over five centuries! Fantastic, Danielle thought in surprise and amazement. ” How did a Virus Computer Protection that was invented in the late 20th century survive into 29 century? You joking with me right.”

“No, Miss Danielle, Not programmed for bad jokes! I am serious! Sahara 3022, a voice rose in an angry tone at Danielle. “What is wrong? “You usually calm. “Do yo miss your Honey-bunny Samuel 3022? Sahara 3022,s mood changes to a sad effect. “I see. Maybe I can help.” Danielle,s terminal suddenly interrupts Danielle when she types in How to Comfort A Sad hologram on her search option. “Does not compute , unauthorized entry flashes on her computer screen turning it blue with a red alert warning signal. “What the hell? Shouted Danielle. She furiously pressed her voice activated command. “Sahara 3022 appear to me! “There is an inference of an external source. ” Miss Danielle! I can see you! My hologram program has been hacked into.” This never happens before.

” Outside Danielle,s office window, A young man of early twenties with glowing blue eyes scan the ancient structure of early twenty-two which had restored to original. “You dumb-ass.” ” You alert Danielle, and her terminal hologram Sahara 3022 of my hacking screamed the computer chip in your brain! “Shut up you swallow! Dirt-bag image! Nathan Daniel grabbing his head in pain. Inside

Nathan Daniel,s brain cell the neurons attacked the foreign invaders of the computer causing a killer migraine. The chip of equipment in Nathan Daniel begins to short-circuit. He turns blue as a baby born feet first, fortunately for him the communication area of Nathan Daniel, s brain, matter was unaffected by the external invasion.
“Go in the Creative communication of Mind building and ask for Dr. Danielle Silver; she can remove the corrupted and restore your system optimum health.” “I have only less twenty minutes before the connection is lost.

” Dr.Danielle! There is a transmission from outside that is a distress signal.” “Do you want me to block it.”

” No, scanned it using the McAfee Experimental Virus scan. Sahara 3022 obeyed Dr. Danille ,s command. The blue light of the new experimental virus scans the signal for malware, malicious transmission code,” trojan horses, spyware, hacking systems and other malicious software. The program detected a code for permission for access. Sahara 3022 transmitted her number; however, the counter partner rejected 3022 as an invalid authorization code.”

In bold flashing red-letter on Sarhara3022 hologram image says needs the original user of this computer.” “Dr.Danielle, you must type your terminal code because the signal does not recognize my hologram permission number 3022.” Dr.Danille typed in the password Dreamworld to unscramble the communication drive outside her network.” A blue flashing sign of clean water is interrupted in the computer language of the 29th century, no dangerous viruses and hacking determined safe to receive the transmission.

“What do the message revealed? Asked Sarhara3022. It is a distress signal, a young man in a life-threatening situation needs immediately medical attention and the computer must be removed. I will be back, please have the electronic medical program ready when I bring the young man in.

Outside several feet from Dr.Danielle, s building Nathan Daniel begin to lose consciously. The backup system in Nathan-Daniel,s brain provides oxygen to him to prevent brain damage until medical help arrive.

Help me! He screamed when saw the figure ofDr.Danielle from a distance before passing out. Dr.Danielle recognize the young man and rushes to Nathan_Daniel unconscious form. She take out an electronic brain repair kit from black medicine bag. She put the device on Nathan-Daniel,s head, suddenly Nathan-Daniel regains conscious. “Here drink this handed him some water which she had in an emergency kit.” Thank You, said Nathan-Daniel with gratitude.

‘Nathan-Daniel, “Are you in severe pain? questioned Dr.Danielle “No, except for a killer headache whispered Nathan-Daniel

“I have a cool remedy. What is your remedy?”I hope it is not some crazy narcotic in a voice that puzzles Dr.Danielle. “I can promise you there will be no crazy drugs; you can trust me on that said soothing.’It is the best herbal painkiller in the world without unpleasant side effects. The remedy is a natural non-habit-forming painkiller with calming effects of lavender, and rose-water.

“I just need to be rubbed the ointment on your forehead and your headache will evaporate quickly. Nathan_Daniel felt relief not having to swallowing any pill. Go for it, My head is killing me,’ Dr.Danielle. Dr.Daniele gently rubbed the lavender rose-water ointment on Nathan_Daniel,s forehead. ” Does your head still hurts? asked Dr.Danille “It is now just a dull ache. said Nathan-Daniel with a sense of relief. “I glad the ointment is working so quickly because it usually takes a few minutes to take effect smiling Dr.Danielle

Nathan-Daniel, “What is your remedy? Green tea with rose-water, lavender extract. No worries there is no dangerous sides to the medicine. Your symptom will disappear with few hours if  you have no allergic reaction with the treatment” however, is extremely rare in  humans but  frequent in alien beings.