A computer generate  hologram  blue  image of Cadet Natasha Lockwood  appears in  darkness of her Aunt Colonel Athena ‘s  biology military lab.

My planet is  sister Earth in the  Newly discovered galaxy. It has an atmosphere that takes  carbon dioxide   out of environment.  My name is Colonel  Athena Lockwood , descendent of the first explorer , scientist, and colonist Dr. Natasha  and her husband Joshua Lockwood.  In  2196 , no fossil fuels existed on the  planet, due  to advances of energy technologies that make the need for the resource obsolete . Society  and cultures utilises Wind, Ocean, Solar and hydroelectric as a method heating,plus cooling their home. Joshua Lockwood an environmental scientist invented the first  an  affordable Solar Home for the average person by  decreasing size of the panels plus increasing the power of the energy source. Joshua’s inventions also made  alternative form of energy affordable to the working class families and single people during the  first dawn of 22nd century.

Will add to story in  the near future.

Denise Swoveland