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Evening Fellow  Wordpress Blogger

Happy Late Night 4th of July

Hope everybody had a blessing, relaxing and enjoyable day.

God’s blessings  for the freedoms of American citizens

Happy  July4th Night of God’s Moonlight of independence  from tryanny of darkness

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Writing my previous poem Dear God: A Early Sunday Morning inspire me to write about God give the artistic and scientific knowledge to the human race. and knowledge designed for glory for Himself and the empowering of Man.

The Creator of the Universe chose become Immanuel meaning God with us, died on the cross of the humanity, rose from the grave, and the defeated the Evil One.

The Lord bring forth creation by the power of magnificent voice beyond human understanding.

God created firework in the sky amazing star-gazer beyond wonder.

Behold an Artistic Almighty Being beyond human imagination and intelligence.

Immanuel ( God with Us) creator of all the majesty of the universe