Dear God:

Hello, I am Denise Carol Swoveland,  inspiring creative writer and artist.

Awake up real early  before 4:00am,I went to bed before Midnight, due having a headache.

Usually a night owl, so my communication with you  varies , and spontaneous.

I read a poem in  from a one of my favorite poets ,I subscribed to you, because ,I found her poems empowering  and creative to me.

I found a  poem  in the poetic form of High Octane  that written  inspiring by music, therefore,it give honor and respect you  as the artistic Creator of the Universe.

I thank you  God , for giving me for creative and artistic voice that I can utilitizes to bring joy ,peace, and inspire people,s heart to communicate with you,or draw spiritually closer  as Creator of All Artistic wonders of worlds beyond human understanding,or scientific knowledge.


Denise Swoveland