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Alien Tree of Life

Wild red tree exploring the Milky Way
Searching for it,s brother tree
Lost during the Fall of Man
The alien tree spreading it,s branches towards it,s creator
God of The Universe
“Where is my brother tree?
I can not find him the Tree of Life
Dear ,’ wild red tree says God
‘I had hidden the Tree of Life from The Evil One’
Your brother Tree of Life safe from Wicked One
“I created new brother trees of great beauty through out the Earth
Go to Earth, God whispering to the red tree,s branches.
The wild red alien tree obeyed it,s creator
It happily speed towards Earth
The tree reaches the planet Earth
It sees a red tree resembling itself
The roots reaching out
Happily reuniting with it,s brother tree
With joyous delight.

at finding a brother tree.
The wild tree


Snow: a three line poem

Bright sun to shine brightly

on the crisp snow

In winter,s cold embrace

Happy New Year

Best wishes for the New year
Happy New Year to all my fellow WordPress bloggers
God blessings for all the writers ,bloggers ,creators, and artists of
May my fellow WordPress bloggers Shine brightly artistic, emotional, mentally, spiritually,physically in 2014