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The Artistic God

I imagine a God of artistic beauty A being of creativity beyond human imagination. A Heavenly Father blessed women and men with artistic talents and dreams.
A Heaven Father who formed the galaxies or heavenly bodies ,other planets for His glory and pleasure.
A being who awesome artistic creativity is beyond science and religion.
A God who gives humanity the ability to create art to show His wonder, and love for Humanity.
Blessed the Artistic Heavenly Father who is the most creative being of all time.


To My Mother

Who never have abandoning me

Being easy-going and a listening ear type of mother.
surviving breast cancer
Telling me about God
Taking me to Sunday school when I was a child
HaPpy Mother,s Day to my mother who was there for me.

In my mind, I picture flowers, trees ,gardens, coming alive .
With assorted colors of reds, blues, yellow, lavender, or mixed of every hue on Earth.
I imagine birds singing with delight of rebirth of spring.
I vision creating art and poetry under the warm of the Sun.
I see nature blossoms in an array of rebirth
waiting for fresh sunlight,or people to admire it,s beauty.
Eating cheesecake with topping of strawberry,or cherries, chocolate.
Going parks, festivals, riding my bicycle.
With dark dull color blossoms in colors of artistic beauty.
Admiring the love, beauty, joy rebirth, new adventures that my Heavenly Father will bring to me.