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Happy Easter: A Poem

To The Living Kings of Kings
A Rebirth of Humanity and Life
To the celebration of Rurrection of Lord Jesus Christ
The beginning of flowers coming to life with assorted of blues, reds, yellow, oranges, purples,pinks and gold.


Happy St.Patrick,s Day

Good Evening
To all my fellow bloggers.
Happy Green St.Patrick,s Day
Go Irish!
To my fellow writers and artists who a Irish by ancestry and heritage.
Best Wishes to the Irish.

Irish blood

I have Irish blood
running through my veins.
My eyes are hazel with a bit of green.

On my mother,s side is
where I had inherited Irish blood.
My ancestors are from

The land of the legend of St.Patrick driving the snakes out Ireland.

And a country where the color green plays a unique role in culture.

Such as shamrock, four-leaf cloves,Irish melodies, poetic form of limerick which had their origins in Ireland.

My wishes for Happy Green Irish St.Patrick Day,s for all my fellow poets.
Would appreciate ways to improve this poem

Joy of Spring

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