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Birthday Photo


Bright orange with a sense of elegance


My Birthday

Hello, Fellow WordPress users: Today is my 39th birthday. I overslept today; therefore, ruined part of my plans  for my birthday. However,  one of my plans was not derailed: I was able to get a free Grande side drink from Biggby Coffee because of my special day. Raspberry Nut Mocha was my choice of drink; it is made of chocolate+Almond+Raspberry with whipped cream +chocolate topping.

I recommend the Raspberry Nut Mocha  to people  with a sweet touch because it a  rich in flavor and it under 163 calories for people who has to watch their intake of calories due to special diets.

God blesses to all who share my birthday. Best wishes for a wonderful , great day.


Happy 2012 to all WordPress users

Happy blessed 2012 to WordPress users; may your website and weblog experience be more fruitful than the year before.

God blesses and nurture the creative  talents of my fellow bloggers, artists, writers, and etc.May bright new stories be born this year.

Happy clean slate 2012