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Christmas Wishes

Wishing all WordPress Bloggers the best Christmas filled with  the love of Christ , Family, friends Happiness and New Beginnings for the New Yea. Blessed Wonderful Christmas wishes come true in special and unexpected ways.


I had an idea of creating of genealogy of descend from Katrina and Joshua Stoneville founder of; Santuary2100 . I was thinking including Katrina,s lineage in Prologue,or the Appendix of the Story .During the events of Destiny,s Children: women leaders inherited the mantle& of government do a plague that wipe out all men for age of year; except for Katrina,s father Dani.Bad laws are overturned by the leadership Katrina such as high tax hike and replacing it the a fair tax of 17 % flat rate annual income regardless of economic stat A new states women will keep her maiden name when she marries to keep her bloodline, and lineage descend from the female to the female line primary, then male line secondarily. Husband will take his wife,s last name first and add his name second.; Such when Joshua West-lake married Katrina Stone-ville he become Joshua Stone-ville-West-lake preserving both lineages.Inheritance,property estate,land,all assets are given through the mother to her children both male and female.

Katrina Stone ville , daughter of Daniel And Rebecca Stone ville marries Joshua West-lake in 2095 five years before the founded of Santuary2100. They had four daughters Amanda,in2097 Rebecca,2099 Isabella, in2100 and Nicole 2105

Amanda first-born (named after her never married Aunt Amanda Stone ville) daughter of Katrina marries Jeremiah Foxy in2119; had twins daughters Natasha and Renée in2122

Rebecca Stoneville never marry instead devoted herself to the service of God “Founder; Sanctuary of Fatherless Children”in 2121

Isabella third daughter of Katrina marries Nicolas Westin2125 had triplets, Selina, Cassandra , and Angeline in2130

Nicole fourth daughter of Katrina married&late in life had joined her sister Rebecca in service to Fatherless&children&in 2126. She married Rebbecca,s assistant Matthew Hound( in2171 and had twin daughters Katrina and Pamela in2172

Second generation

Granddaughters of Katrina and Joshua Stone-ville-Westlake

Natasha& Stone ville-Foxy marriesNicolas Lake-field in 2155 had two daughters Jasmine in2157 and Victoria in2160

Renée Stone ville-Foxy marries Nathaniel Yield in 2155had eight children; five daughters; Veronica, 2156 Sasha in 2157, twins Tanya and Tonya in2160 Vanessa; in2162 twin sons Daniel and Nathan in2164 and one son Matthew

Cassandra Stoneville-West marries  Nathan Wakefield in2165 had one son Jeremiah in 2167 two daughters Sahara in2169 and Angela 2170

Selina Stone-ville_West marries Zachary Ohio in2166 had no children

Angeline Stoneville& West never married( devoted aunt and fellow warrior.

This two generations of the Stoneville family during and after plague years in Destiny,s Children
Third Generation
Great-Grandchildren of KatrinaStoneville-Westlake.
Jasmine: a college student who followed in her great-grandmother Katrina by becoming a leader .