I entered my eclectic style home with a sense of forbearing worry. I felt a sudden urge to walk into the kitchen that faced the north side of the living room enclosed by the porch with a blue-green fountain inside. I suddenly heard screaming coming from close to me. I run to the kitchen, then I saw my daughter, Alicia,s father lying in his blood with a gun beside him.Alicia was struggling to give first aid to my husband Jacob, but he lost too much blood. I rushed to Alicia,s side attempting to calm her down. She acknowledges my presence. ”Please Mom help me! I can not stop the bleeding! Daddy is dying Please do not die on me! Alicia screamed cradling her father in her arms. My husband looked pale like snow in winter.
Alicia! Take off his shirt off! I need to how deep is the

wound.”Alicia obeyed my command. I opened my medicine bag then brought out some rubbing alcohol, surgical instruments, and a sterilization needle. I froze in terror while examining my husband,s injury. The bullet wound had attached itself near his heart. I rubbed rubbing alcohol onto the area of the scene shot.

“Jacob, I can not work on you. These medical instruments are too primitive.” We have to take you to the hospital.”
“No, the people will get me! There is a secret experiment on paranoid schizophrenia patients at the psychiatric ward at Rivers Old! Jacob cried in panicked tone that unnerved his wife and daughter.””Alicia get your father,s anti-psychotic medicine now!

“Mother, The medicine is what caused Daddy,s relapse.” He started having hallucinations, and delusions again a month ago when he begin a new experimental drug program at Rivers OldHospital. The treatment at Rivers Old failed to deliver the cure to Daddy,s illness.

“Alicia, We have to him to the hospital now! cried Angeline disregarding her husband,s pleading.

“Mom, I have a friend at school whose father is a doctor works a private hospital. He will protect patients who live will be in jeopardy if they go Rivers Old Hospital.
Victoria,s father, Why did I think of him first!. Here Angeline holds her cell-phone to her daughter.

Alicia dialed 456-867-678 Dr.Jemimah Williamson,s cell-phone number. The cell-phone had ringed three before an answer arrived

Hello, Alicia, What can I do for you tonight? Asked Dr.Williamson.

“My father accidentally shot himself! “I afraid he will die! Alicia said in a frightened tone.

“Alicia, What type of the condition is your father in now? Alicia around and check Jacob,s pulse and breathing.”Dr. Williamson, his breathing and pulse are weak.”

“Take him to Sanctuary Faculty immediately! My team will be ready for your father,s arrive,” said DR.Williamson in a concerned voice.

“How can we move him without causing more damage to my husband? Alicia questioning Dr.Williamson with sense of fear and forbearing

‘We can stabilize your husband by using a robotic electric wheelchair.’ “Scientists created it last year. Said Dr.Williamson.Don,t worry the wheelchair has an arm analyzes what position to lift the patient without being harm.”
“Mother, “We have a robotic wheelchair that has been out of commission for a few weeks.”Get it now! Cried Angeline. “Your father,s breathing is becoming more shallow.
Alicia rushed to the technical room where robotic wheelchair stood and open the door shouting” Robot Athena,” Wake- up now. Emergency!. It obeyed Alicia,s voice-activated command than the robot moved it,s wheels towards her.
When Alicia explain that Jacob had self-inflicted wound was dangerously fatal , Robot Athena rush passed Alicia like a flash of light. Robot Athena adminster to her master by survey the damage to Jacob’s wound.