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Night Sky

Stars so bright,it shine like a super-nova
Stars of the universe beyond the Milky Way and unknown universe waits for discovery


I have a fear of going way out of my comfort zone,however, I am doing better about taking risks I was afraid to do such as writing poetry , short stories and publishing them on my web-blogs, Facebook, and other social networking sites. I still need to work on overcome my fear of submitting stories,or poetry to publishers due to insecurity about the quality of my writing.I feel like my stories need to be polished before I would submitted to any well-known publishers. I hope to gradually grow a nerve to submit of my manuscript by late this year,or the beginning January of 2012.
There will be steps I can take that will help me keep myself challenge to finish my writing projects soon. One way to start writing 50 words of poetry and short stories and poetry than gradually go 1000 words.

I wonder if my computer is from outer space because it seems to have mind of it,s own.
The computer has a name Denise,s Wild and Spiritual Computer.
I thought of that the name Denise,s Wild and Spiritual which was inspire about a thought of the computer being possess by alien from outer space and becoming a sentient life-form.
Just a offbeat thought I had awhile back.