My name is Katrina Redwood, my story began  over three years on May 4,2012.

I was woken up by a mysterious loud, unfamiliar voice. I saw an angelic being staring into my eyes, and suddenly I am blind.

“Why did you make me blind? I asked the angelic being.

“I give you x-ray vision and telepathic abilities. ” said the angelic being.

Great, I am a blind woman with x-ray and telepathic power.

“How will my new power help me in my daily life?

“I have no interest in being branded a freak of nature.” said Katrina.

“Katrina, Don,t worry your gifts will be useful someday.” said the angelic being.”
” I will have to learn Braille,or research X-Ray vision and telepathic powers. Katrina stated in a sarcastic tone of voice.”
” I see you are unable to understand the ways your new talents will be beneficial to you and others.” “I will show you. “Give me your hand.”
” Nervously, Katrina grabbed the angelic being,s hand with a sense of fear.
Katrina finds herself in an unknown section of a futuristic city.
Her new senses become acute as Katrina observes the blue glass skyscrapers, the biological gardens surrounding the complex, a water fountain moving in a circular motion. She sees a young black haired, blue eyes woman that is a striking resembles herself. Can this lady be my descendant? Katrina,s mind wondered about this individual. She walks to the dome -shaped building where she first saw her look-alike, then suddenly, Katrina  is grabbed from behind by a mysterious force. She struggled against  an overpowering entity.

“Let,s me go! screamed Katrina  while trying to break  free  from  the embrace for the being.

The being turn Katrina around and stop fighting when she recognized the individual as angelic host she saw before.

“Why  did  you grabbed  me” questioned Katrina

“I had to prevent you from meet your descendant face to face because of the time paradox. “It will be  dangerous now’ replied the angelic being.