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I can,t wait for Spring to arrive. Tired of cold weather, and looking forward to new life to blossom in the coming month. I having Spring fever now; so please God bring red, yellow, pink, blue, and multicolor flowering plants life again



A soul enters into heavenly gates
Meets the Everlasting God of Endless love
God welcomes His child home

Spring Non-traditional Haiku

Spring is coming! Springtime coming soon!
Flowers blossoming with rays of blues, reds, violet and all assotments of color
Spring brings new life to the garden with rays of fragrance as such lilac.



A blue planet  called Earth
A bright shining  four planet  from the  Sun
A Earth  waiting for  rebirth

Good night Haikiu

Good night, God
I am going to sleep
Plese protect me from bizzare dreams.

>Ancient of Days


 God is the Almighty One
For He is the Ancient of Days
 Everlasting King of Kings
 We shall worship the Holy One,  Creator of all life
      For He is the Ancient of Days
     He is just God, a powerful being
 God Almighty the Conqueror of Evil
      For  He is the Ancient of Day