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Ideas for Post-Daily Challenge

Some for my suggestions may be far-out, however, I hoped inspire creativity in my fellow bloggers. I am making ten suggestions for tonight.
1.What color is the sky?
2.What are you vision for the future?
3.What is your favorite kind of art? You can list more than one favorite.
4.How would cope if you shipwreck on an island?
5.Write Japaneses form poem?
6.Will a woman become president within a decade? Any thoughts on what time period a woman will become President of the United States?
7.What will cars look like in the near future?
8.Write a story about your dreams for the future.
9.Who inspire you in life, work,or everything else?
10What are you favorite science-fiction novels,or books?


Developing a future world

I currently reading a good book about how to  write science-fiction and fantasy. This book give me ideas for creative future worlds in my speculative fiction stories. I learn  about four elements of story structure: these are Milieu, Idea, Character and Event.   I tend  to have stories which have character,or event story structures.  I gained insight on how to create realistic aliens and alien societies.  I would have create aliens  that are imaginative non-cliche,or  does not  resemble  run-of -mill typical alien species

The books give me some ideas on how to developing three-dimensional characters, instead stock , stereotypical, boring , one dimensional characterization. I still have  long way to go learning the craft of speculative  fiction writing. There are challenges in this genre that does not occur in forms of genre writing such as world-building,or more research is need to create a realistic future world because of the speculative natures of the stories.

This post is just random thoughts.

The book I am reading is called How To Write Science-fiction And Fantasy By Orson Scott Card.
This was in draft for awhile. I am plan on buying the How To Write Science-Fiction And Fantasy By Orson Scott Card soon as enough money to buy it. I recommend this book for aspiring science and fantasy writers.

>Birthday Girl

>Today, I celebrated my 38th birthday. I brought a portable easel for my painting and some acrylics paints  for my birthday presents.  I had lunch with a close friend at Pizza Hut in Defiance,Ohio. I thank God for my soul, and spirit. I had growing in knowledge as I grew older. Bless God for my birth. I thank my mother for raising me in church, giving me love , teaching  me about God and giving  me life. I hope to celebrate birthdays until I am over 100  years-old.

Posting Once a Week

I plan on particpating on Posting Once a Week challenge for the year2011. I need start writing inter4esting posts for my blogs so I can reaches writers of specualtive fiction. I am willing experiment on themes for my posts.

Wishes for all my friends for the year 2011.

Hooary! Glad the year 2010 is is done.

Wishes for good New Years for Wordpress bloggers and their friends

God bless the poeple of the world for Happy New Year

May God blesses become fresh in the 2011.

Happpy NewYear!!!!


>Time for renewing for a troubled soul of man
God renews the spirit of His stressed out children.
Time of fresh renewing of the mind of man
For God also renews the mind of His troubled  children
Time for refreshing for the new coming year
God renew our spirit, soul and body
Amen to King of Kings