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Classical music

Beauty from the human heart

Music that speak to the human mind and spirit.

Filled with intelligence, grace, complex thoughts

Soothing to troubled soul in search of peace

Artistic genius through the ages

Celebrate beauty, diversity, complex of human being

nature and the spiritual .

Music to calm human darkest nightmares, trouble

soothe the beast within our innermost thoughts soul

Classical music a rich gift to the human race .


In the Mind,s Eye

 Eyes   wandering into night through the mind

 The mind see beyond the natural world into the invisible

So  the windows shows light and darkness into  aperson ,s sense of  wonder fearing unknown forces through

shady lenses of the heart.  In the Mind,s eye perception

  reveals innermost  thoughts long repessed. For the jounery  For mind   shields itself the most traumatic memoriezs