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World building in Eveville

The city of Eveville Eveville represents in contrast to nearby community of Santuary 2100. It has no males in leadership and women run to government in the absence of men. Serena Moorhouse act as the an primary leader of Eveville. She enforcing an strict code of conduct of behavior and ethics whosoever disobey her rules faces severe punishment. Serena gives a death penalty to anyone who commits acts of violence against any residents of Eveville.

My August Unplugged Book Box

Here photo if my August Unplugged featuring an Asian-inspired book. I intrigued by the story,and curious to read it


Lavender Flower

Wild Lavender Flower beside the woods

Happy Father,s Day

Dear Creativemind37 readers:

Have blessed Happy Father,s Day and good evening.

God,s blessings to all the fathers of the world and grace to them.

written June 20,2021

Color through Time

A humanoid alien race called the Dreamers travels through the galaxy searching for artistic, intelligent life-forms to join them for exploration to ends of the universe. The humans before their extinction genetically modified themselves triggering the plague that wipe -out the homogenous humankind where only those with diversity in the gene pool survive.

The Dreamers discover the colorful works art after following an distress call coming from Planet Earth. They opening up communications to the inhabitations

Keys to Freedom

Christ represent the keys freedom of slavery to sin and spiritual death. Our Lord conquer the power of the Evil One through the redemption of the spirit and salvation.
Wrote on May 18, 2021 Bible Coloring Adulit Book

May ,18, 2021


Dear my WordPress blog readers and followers

Jesus has risen and alive forevermore

He has conquer death , hell, evil and Satan. Jesus provide humanity redemption for their through his resurrection from dead.

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. Matthew 28:6 KJV

Happy St. Patrick,S Evening


God ,s blessings to the Irish and their cats.

March 17, 2021

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming soon. God blessing a new blooms of color.

Merry Christmas

Dear WordPress blogger and website owners

Wishing my readers and fellow WordPress bloggers a cozy Merry Christmas.

God,s blessings to everyone in the WordPress family

With Christ,s love and goodwill to humanity.