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Dear my WordPress blog readers and followers

Jesus has risen and alive forevermore

He has conquer death , hell, evil and Satan. Jesus provide humanity redemption for their through his resurrection from dead.

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. Matthew 28:6 KJV

Happy St. Patrick,S Evening


God ,s blessings to the Irish and their cats.

March 17, 2021

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming soon. God blessing a new blooms of color.

Merry Christmas

Dear WordPress blogger and website owners

Wishing my readers and fellow WordPress bloggers a cozy Merry Christmas.

God,s blessings to everyone in the WordPress family

With Christ,s love and goodwill to humanity.

Girl in Space

A young woman jounery into space on December 17,2525

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Readers and Followers:

God blessings and grace this Thanksgiving Day. Have wonderul time with family and friends.

Paint By Numbers pictures

The most loving mind cannot cope and comprend the the recess of the an anthoner being ‘s mind

colored November 17,2020

Beauty of Unicorn

Paint by Numbers

Unicorn befriending and bonding with a young girl in the background mountainous beauty and thr blue sky.

Happy Halloween Night

Here is my October Unplugged Book Subscription Box

The Hollow Place

October book

Staircase to the Future.

My Aunt Natasha had home with a unusual staircase . I have hear stories from Mom about going the future when she was little girl.

I thought my Mother had an overactive imagination until my mom and l went to see my Aunt Natasha for Christmas.

My mother warned me to stay away from staircase that lends to the attic. ‘Really, mom you too old for imaginary playmates.

Disbelieving my mother I decided to rid my mother of her fear of staircases, so after Christmas dinner I went up.

So as I walk up the staircase, I felt a sense of dread then found myself pull forward against my will.

Suddenly, I found myself in futuristic version of my aunt,s home but, the color scheme of the decor possesses no resemblance to my Aunt Natasha’s taste.

Curious,I stroll through the staircase located at center of the living room.