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God gives humankind the gift of creativity

A new world of color is born

Creativity of the human race becomes awakening in midst of renewal by the transformation of Lord Jesus Christ.


In the near future, a scientist accidentally creates a zombie plague that causes individuals to lose their rational thinking and becomes mindless creatures without compassion and acting on impulsive violence. The Stupidity Virus first made it,s appear during the governmental shut down when Congressman and women begin to kill each other instead of usual bickering among themselves. A few escape the slaughter by the Secret Service and they felt compelled to spread the plague among the general population.

Individuals exhibiting most aggressive personality traits show the severe forms of the stupidity plague. People on the other hand who are meek and mild-mannered by nature possess immunity, or less affected by a virus, s impact the brain and thinking process of an individual. With a month the stupidity virus spread globally destroy the threads of society alongside the web of life

Dr. Renee Dixonson enters her biological lab sensing the anxiety in her assistants.

“Dr. Dixonson,” We are shorthand this week, because, three of our assistant had to call in sick,” said Gabriel with a worried look on his face.

“Gabriel, Did you observe any strange and increasing violent, or aggressive behavior of Timothy or Zachary? ” said Dr.Dixonson with a concerned expression.

“Zachary is incapable of violence, he about meek as a little kitten. I saw no evidence of any unusual, or atypical demeanor coming from him.” I only noticed Zachary seem less energetic and talkative than usual.

“I see Gabriel, plus, I am aware of Zachary,s  gentle nature, however, there was a subtle change in his personality, that why I asked you about him.

Zachary starts becoming less social when the newspaper and local broadcaster broke the news about a plague that causes people to behave as mindless and violent zombies.,” said Gabriel with a straight face.

Dr.Dixson glance at Gabriel disbelieving his story.,” “Really, zombie did not exist “.You are imagining what you hear which a sign of schizophrenia.
Gabriel gives Dr.Dixonson a look that caught her off – guard. He glares at her with intensity unsure about how to respond to her.
Outside the laboratory, the hungry creatures still possessing some of a human intellect instantly plot to capture their prey to satisfy their desire for blood.



Dear WordPress Bloggers and Readers

I hope everyone had a blessed alongside safe New Year Eve and Day. God,s blessings and healing love to all of my fellow WordPress bloggers, supporters and readers.

Written December 31,2018Happy New Year 2019

Dear WordPress Bloggers and Readers :

I hoped all my fellow WordPress readers and bloggers had a joyous Christmas with family and friends. God’s blessings and comfort of the upcoming year 2019Merry Belated Christmas.jpeg

This story takes place during the winter time in the city of Sanctuary 2100, safe haven of fatherless children and widows. Nicole deals with the loss of a husband who died of x-y experiment plague on the week before  Thanksgiving Day three ago and fled to Sanctuary 2100 with help of Katrina Stoneville. She sought to comfort the healing touch of Christ and her spiritual Christian faith that she learns about from Katrina.

The family lives a log cabin in the western part of the United States of where fathers and sons rarely exist during plague wipe out most of the male population.  Nicole a 30-year-old single mother of four children daughters  Samantha, Natasha, and sons Isaiah and Zachary narrated the story of Christ,s birth on snowy Christmas evening December 25, 2103. She started the annual Christmas tradition three years prior after a receiving an invitation to the Stoneville family dinner and gaining knowledge of the incarnation of Christ that touch her heart.

“Samantha, Natasha, Isaiah and Zachary  Nicole calling to them at basement playroom door come in the reading room we are ready for a storyline. The children instinct stop their playing and obeyed her command delightfully because they enjoyed the story of Christ’s incarnation.  All three sit  at the table in the family library as known as the reading room

“Children, Let’s  traveling  toward time  3,000  years ago, ” said Nicole

Matthew Chapter 1:18-25  and Luke chapter 2 of the Holy Bible(paraphrased)

Before Christ’s birth, Joseph discovered that Mary his espoused pregnant with a child of the Holy Ghost. Joseph an honorable man did not desire to make a public example of Mary and considered ending his marriage privately.

Ch1: 20. “But while   “an angel of Lord appeared unto him in a dream saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to David, fear not to thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost”

Ch 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for shall save his people their sins.

The prophet Isaiah prophesied the coming of the Messiah ch:23 ” Behold a virgin shall be with child and shall bring a son, and they shall call his Emmanuel which being interpreted is God with us.

After the revelation of the Lord through a dream, Joseph takes Mary as his wife when she gives birth to her firstborn, son and he named him JESUS.  Luke wrote in his gospel considering the journey of Joseph and Mary into the city of David called Bethlehem of Judaea.  Joseph the direct descendant of house and lineage of King David.

A savior is born in the Bethlehem and his name is Jesus the King of King and Lord of Lords. He is Emmanuel known as God in human form. He was born as a humble man in a stable and laid in a manger because of the innkeeper had no room of them at  the inn

God comes as the incarnation to show himself to the human raced to save their souls to the darkness from to sin, hell, and death.

Author’s note; Scripture are taken the King James version of the Holy Bible. Written on December 25,2018


Dear WordPress Bloggers:

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to my WordPress Supporters and Readers. God’s blessings to healing, love, grace, and giving for thanks to the Lord for the gift of family alongside friends.

Written on November 22,2018




God’s blessings for rays to shades of pink and give the shades of colors.


Burst of Color

 In the  realms of color  sparkling   through the universe creating new world of wonder.

In wake of conflict Black Matter Movement of 2018,  and White nationalism create a race divides so extreme it triggers on the Second  Civil  War destroy the society of the United States plus white and black created two a separate nation.  One of called Black America, while the other White forbid to interact with each other

The welfare system collapses results millions of citizens struggling to rebuild their lives depend on the government of their needs.  People with mental illness and disabilities are considered if a waste of resources and left to their own device.

A  woman in her late forties searches for her African American adopted sister separated her from as a child due to white nationist overthrow the American government created a law forbid race mixing. Kathleen Sevens,  remain haunted since childhood concerning the disappearance of her adopted sister unaware of Kesha’s fate.

Kathleen begins her journey through her past when she received a mysterious letter written in code, however, she recognized her sister’s trademark writing. Kesha as a child exhibit gifted artistic talent beyond her age level.

Artistic Expression of the Living God

God   From  His Spirit brought light into the darkness of Planet Earth.

He  shines his  brightness in realms of  cosmos of the universe

The Heavenly Father and  Mighty God artistic creator of the world alongside the galaxies.

He speaks life in existence through the force of creative power.

Creator God an ultimate Artist who give mankind creativity to produce art in all its various forms.

spectrum of color.God Creator of the universe