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We are light of the world filled with darkness and sin.


Butterflies of elegance and wonder

Butterflies displaying God’s creation of beauty and color

Wormholes and Spirals

Spirals of Imagination


God presence appears when two or more believers,s gathers in Christ,s name.

Picture taken on March 31,2022

The Gift of God

God gives humankind the gift variety of fruit and the ability to create shakes.

Artistic and Writing Goals of 2022

Today ,I celebrated my 49th birthday that prompted me to share my goals of 2022 and most recent pictures. Here a few artistic and writing goals for 2022:

#1 Write and publish short and flash fiction on an monthly basis.

#2: Complete an one manuscript of my science _fiction in progress by December 31, 2022.

#3: Keep updating my World of Science-fiction and Creativemind 37,s Blog on regular schedule.

#4: Write poetry or stories biweekly.

#5:Produce and create works of artistic expression regularly.

#6: Monetize, or prepare for monetization of one of my blogs by end of the year.

#goals for 2022

Written January 7,2022.

Happy New Year,s Eve

Dear WordPress Bloggers and Readers:

Have relaxing and safe New Year,s Eve.God,s blessings and healing for 2022.

Sunshine Thoughts Poem

Sunshine escaping the overcast of the dreary cloud

Giving warmth to an weary soul

While breaking the monotony of the darkness light

Sunshine and sunlight brighten autumn color of leaves

Therefore bringing joy to a depress soul suffering through dreariness of cold sky

Happy Halloween Night

Dear WordPress readers and followers

Have a relaxing and enjoyable time watching good horror films. I hope everyone is having safe without misadventures of scary kind.

Here is a picture I took of my downtown store,s Common Thread Halloween decorations.

Written on October 31 ,2021