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 In the  realms of color  sparkling   through the universe creating new world of wonder.


In wake of conflict Black Matter Movement of 2018,  and White nationalism create a race divides so extreme it triggers on the Second  Civil  War destroy the society of the United States plus white and black created two a separate nation.  One of called Black America, while the other White forbid to interact with each other

The welfare system collapses results millions of citizens struggling to rebuild their lives depend on the government of their needs.  People with mental illness and disabilities are considered if a waste of resources and left to their own device.

A  woman in her late forties searches for her African American adopted sister separated her from as a child due to white nationist overthrow the American government created a law forbid race mixing. Kathleen Sevens,  remain haunted since childhood concerning the disappearance of her adopted sister unaware of Kesha’s fate.

Kathleen begins her journey through her past when she received a mysterious letter written in code, however, she recognized her sister’s trademark writing. Kesha as a child exhibit gifted artistic talent beyond her age level.

Artistic Expression of the Living God

God   From  His Spirit brought light into the darkness of Planet Earth.

He  shines his  brightness in realms of  cosmos of the universe

The Heavenly Father and  Mighty God artistic creator of the world alongside the galaxies.

He speaks life in existence through the force of creative power.

Creator God an ultimate Artist who give mankind creativity to produce art in all its various forms.

spectrum of color.God Creator of the universe

Chapter 1

Over 150 ago Women and their children become the remnants of accidentally released of x-y experiment plague the decimate the adult male population leaving them to inherit the earth.  One of the essential passage of scripture that gives the survivors comfort involves the Sermon of The Mount in the book of Matthew. The one verse that inspired the women to move on is in Matthew chapter 5:5 “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Women realized the violent people will eventually destroy themselves with their violence against people.

They transform the Death Valley as an unlikely oasis in the Western part of the United State of America.  Dr.Serene Wells aunt of Katrina and Amanda Stoneville invented and developed a biological system that restores a desert into a lush green paradise fit for human habitation.
Dr. Cassandra Well the maternal grandmother of twins Katrina and Amanda Stoneville participated in creating the antidote of x-y experiment plague that had unsuspected consequences such as sterility of the male survivors.  She acts an as an assistant in the development for cloned sperm






Dear WordPress Bloggers and Readers:

Happy Independence Day to America and all my fellow WordPress bloggers, supporters, and readers.  I hope everyone is having relaxing plus enjoyable holiday evening.Fireworks

July 4,2018

Happy Late Mother,s Day

burstingcolorDear WordPress bloggers and readers:

God,s grace and blessings on the Mothers of my fellow bloggers, followers, and readers. I hope everyone had to relax, and enjoyable time with family and friends.

Immanuel(God in human form) loves all the mothers of Planet Earth and provide them comfort in the hour of need.

With Christ,s Love and Compassion

Written on May 13,2018pexels-photo-707193.jpeg

I found this  above picture in  the free photo library .

Denise Swoveland

Written on May 13,2018



Dear WordPress bloggers and readers:

Good late afternoon,I wish to relaxing and joyous time with family and friends.

Today is the celebration of Christ,s resurrection plus his conquering of sin and death. He overcoming darkness with  his everlasting Light.

He is RisenDrawing2015-02-03 07.53.17

Written on April 1, 2018

Dear  Fellow WordPress readers and bloggerx

God,s blessings of the gift love and friendship  of all my fellow WordPress readers and  bloggers.

I hoped everyday had wonderful,relaxing ,romantic,and lovely time with a Heavenly Father,Family and Friends last St.Valentine,s Day

God,s gifts varied in awesome ways


Flowers revealing God,s creative beauty of creation of color and artstic imagination.

Sunday Feb.4,2018180105_234720.png

The  circle of creative beauty of God Almighty and His  gift of art of me.Thank you for giving me the breath of life